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5 Things To Do To Get Through The Loss Of Your Pet

Losing an animal can be one of the most devastating experiences a master has to go through. Grief is a profound emotion that challenges us to stop and honour our loss. It takes time to heal. The following ideas can help you navigate through this difficult process.

Give a Funeral, Wake or Memorial
A ceremony can provide a formal setting in which you can say goodbye. It also gives you a way out to express your grief in an atmosphere of support and compassion. A funeral, memorial or vigil can also give your friends a chance to show their support during this difficult time. Several crematoria now accommodate a wide variety of animal loss services even if you can also just do a ceremony at home or in the park or your pet’s favorite place.

Create a Tribute
Creative activities can be extremely cathartic and can help you get through your emotions. Projects such as a scrapbook or video are great ways to commemorate your relationship with your loved one. Assembling custom shadow boxes containing your pet’s toys, his leash or collar is another great way to honor the connection you shared. Creating a forum is a tribute to your pet. This will give you the time and space to remember all the good times you spent together. And that from childhood until the final moment.

A Walk With The Leash
Just walking is very therapeutic. Being outdoors, in the fresh air, can help clean our head and let go of thoughts that do not serve us. Go for a walk or continue to do so by taking the same paths you took with your pet. Bring your leash with you in a pocket. This will allow you to connect with him and remember him and the bond that bound you. Those you met while taking your walks with your pet and who also walked theirs, will also want to help you. Take the opportunity to stop and say hello to their dogs! No one will mind!

Look For Professional Support
Much of our social condition leads us to evaluate or deny our emotions. This can happen when people around us become uncomfortable with our outward expression of loss. Unfortunately, the tendency to suppress or ignore messages from our emotions can have a negative impact on our mental and physical health. Even when you have the support of a friend or family, connecting with a professional who is empathetic to the loss of an animal can make all the difference in the world in your overall well-being. Booking a session or two with a bereavement counsellor is a good way to help you fully grieve and release your emotions in a healthy way.

Open Your Heart
When you are ready, think about welcoming another animal into your heart. There are so many different kinds waiting in shelters for a new loving home. Even though it may not seem to be the case at the moment, there is room in your heart for a new member of your family, whether canine or feline and, to welcome a new animal into the house does not diminish the love you had for the one you have just lost – in fact, it is a very nice tribute that you pay him!