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Who does not remember the famous Lassie, the endearing Beethoven and the adorable Benji? We all, at one time or another, watched a movie and a TV show from one of those three famous dogs. The star animals on the small and large screen also inspire families when it comes to adopting a pet. People attach themselves to the characters and even name their animal in their honor. Here is a brief description of these three canine characters who amused several generations.

Synopsis roman
In England, Lassie, the beautiful dog of little Joe Carraclough, is sold by Joe’s father because of poverty. The animal is taken to distant Scotland by its new owner. But Lassie, after many adventures and dangers, managed to return to her first home.

Lassie, a colley female, comes from a breed of sheepdog whose origins are ancient. Long-haired Colleys, generally referred to as “Colleys”, are the most common representative of the breed in France with just over 1,000 births per year.

Life expectancy: 14 to 16 years
Hair: Long and dense (forms a very marked collar and jabot), short on the head
Character: Loyal, gentle, intelligent, protective, friendly, active
Weight: Male: 20–29 kg, Female: 18–25 kg
Dresses: Tricolour, white, merle blue, sand and white, merle sand, sand
Height: Male: 56–61 cm, Female: 51–56 cm

Source: Wikipedia

Lassie first appeared in 1940 in the novel Lassie, a faithful dog by author Eric Knight. Subsequently, a first film, Fidèle Lassie, adapted from the novel, was released in 1943, and since then, seven other films have followed, most in the 1940s and the last in 2005.

Various Lassie series on television were broadcast between 1954 and 2014. The last series in 2014 is a cartoon.

Fun Facts:
All the dogs that played Lassie were males because the females lost their fur once in the year, which prevented them from filming a whole year.

Lassie’s fame has reached such a level that she has her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Film synopsis
Beethoven, a Saint Bernard male, is a canine character who starred in an American film released in 1992. Seven other film productions followed. The last film was released in 2014.

This film tells the story of a puppy Saint Bernard who, following a break-in in the pet store where he is on sale, escapes the bad guys and lands in the house of the Newton family, where he settles. The children want to adopt him immediately, but their father is very reluctant. The dog baptized Beethoven because he barked at Ludwig van Beethoven’s symphony no. 5, allows Ted to be respected at school, for Emily, the youngest, to avoid drowning in the garden pool, and for Ryce, an unpopular teenager, to finally be noticed by Mark, Don Juan from college.

Everything seems to be going well, even George ends up loving the dog. But the family veterinarian, in reality a swindler looking for dogs to perform scientific experiments, set up a scheme to recover Beethoven.

The Saint Bernard is a large mountain dog breed, often trained as an avalanche search dog. The popular imagination adorns it with a barrel of schnapps hanging from the neck that would be intended to invigorate the victims of the cold.

Life expectancy: 8 to 10 years
Tail: Long and very stuffed in the hair variety
Silhouette: Large, robust
Head: Square
Ears: Drooping, triangular and relatively large
Character: Lively, gentle, friendly, watchful, calm

Source: Wikipedia

Film synopsis
Benji, a long-haired Pyrenean shepherd male, is a canine character who appeared in five films and five television series between 1974 and 2006.

The film tells the story of Benji, a stray dog living in a small town in Texas where he is treated as a friend by many local people, each calling him by a different name. He then gets food and attention every time he visits one of his acquaintances. One day, Benji meets another stray dog, a Maltese that Mary names Tiffany, whom he falls in love with.

When Chapman’s children are kidnapped and held hostage for ransom, Benji tries to rescue them and seeks friendly human beings to help him free the children.

Benji then leads the police to the kidnappers' lair; they are arrested while they leave the house with Paul and Cindy. Because of the heroism of the two dogs, Dr.Chapman finally decides to let Benji and Tiffany stay at home as long as they want, to the delight of Paul and Cindy.

The shepherd of the Pyrenees designates two breeds of dog: the shepherd of the Pyrenees with long hair and the shepherd of the Pyrenees with short face.

Life expectancy: 15 to 17 years
Character: Smart, energetic, dedicated, easy to train, watchful, bossy
Height: Male: 40–50 cm, Female: 38–48 cm
Weight: Male: 20–25 kg, Female: 14–20 kg
Dresses: White, black, fawn, brindle, blackbird, merle blue, grey
Origin: France, Spain

Source: Wikipedia