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Declawing Alternatives

The declawing of your cat, a seemingly harmless intervention at first glance, actually hides a much less acceptable side in 2022. The integrity of our furniture and the unpleasantness of being scratched are definitely arguments weighing in the balance, but have we thought about the property of our felines before all that?

Onyxectomy, better known as declawing, is the complete amputation of the cat’s third phalanx. Surgery is still allowed in Canada but banned in more than 40 countries. This procedure can lead to persistent discomforts for kittens such as chronic pain, deformity of the legs and even behavioral disorders.

It is important to know that making one’s claws in one’s environment is quite normal and instinctive behavior for cats. It is an action to mark their territory in an olfactory (pheromone) and visual way.

The good news, there are several very effective and easy alternatives to educate your cat to make its claws in the desired place. Patience and sometimes a little imagination are in order but your cat will be happy with its environment and you with your furniture intact.

Cat tree/scratcher
These are accessories that seem mundane that can however become the haven of peace of your cat so well adapted and well located.

The type of material that makes it up is important to get your cat’s attention. Rug, wood and rope are the ideal materials for them to do their claws. Much more interesting than your leather sofa.

It is advisable to install it in a place that will allow the cat to be in the vicinity of its human while being high and safe. Near a window is also a prime location, cats are very curious and love to spy on the neighborhood. If you have several cats, make sure you have several floors to your tree so that all are satisfied.

As for the scratcher, the trick is similar to that of the cat tree. The choice of location is the key to its success. Just put it close to the object that your cat has falsely mistaken for a scratcher. This way, the cat will have something much more suitable and efficient in front of him. He will therefore leave your furniture alone. The choice of the scratcher is also important. It must be high enough for the cat to stretch all its length. Also, if your cat is lucky enough to own a cat tree; it is important that the scratcher is made of the same material.

In addition, the use of cat grass can help your cat to make its claws in the desired place. Simply apply a solution containing cat grass on the tree and scratcher to draw the cat’s attention to them.

Claw protection and cutting
Yes, your cats can also get a manicure/pedicure. The maintenance of the claws is a very good way to prevent property and human damage.

The cutting of the claws and the use of Soft Paws (scratch guard) are treatments accessible to all. You can easily find claw cutters and Soft Paws in pet stores to take care of this project yourself. However, if these tasks seem too complicated for you, do not hesitate to make an appointment at your Animo etc shop which will be happy to take care of them for you. Note also that Soft Paws are available in several assorted colors to give a stylish look to your companion.

Summarily, there are a variety of options that agency integrity of our homes and accreditation of felines. Just ask and apply some tips so that the whole household is satisfied and in one piece!

Source: Audréanne Lupien, Animal Health Technician (ASD)