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Dog Parks: How To Behave in The Dog Park

Does your dog need a change of scenery? A good idea to consider is to take it to a dog park. He can play, run and socialize with people different from his master and other dogs. These activities will be beneficial for him both physically and mentally. However, your pooch will not necessarily be able to go happily in the park without supervision.

Tips to remember when visiting a dog park:
  • Watch your dog and don’t be inattentive.
  • Pay attention to other dogs and their body language.
  • Stop the game and calm their behavior, if necessary, and keep your dog away if he is scared or intimidated by others.
  • Leave your pet’s toys at home to avoid being watched.
When is it time to stop the game?
When a battle seems imminent, it is time to stop the game. Questionable behaviors such as harassment, possessiveness on a toy (fighting game) and wrestling or if more than two dogs are involved prove to be serious clues to stopping the game.

Aggressive behaviour such as biting, over-barking or pinning another animal is inappropriate in a dog park and must be immediately stopped.

Health Tips to Focus on:
  • Have your dog dewormed against parasites so as not to infect other dogs and not be infected in return.
  • Have your dog’s vaccines updated.
  • If you plan to visit a dog park often, ask your veterinarian about the Bordetella vaccine, commonly known as “kennel cough”, a contagious respiratory infection, and the leptospirosis vaccine. a disease that may be present in stagnant water or urine.
Visiting a dog park will definitely be a new adventure for you and your dog, but make sure your companion is healthy and well protected. Also be prepared to supervise him well.