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How To Prepare For Vacation With Your Animals

Finally, the long and beautiful sunny days are back. So it’s time to prepare for our summer vacations, hurrah!

In recent years, the trend has been to include our hairy little ones in our adventures. The good news is that more and more places are accepting our companions with open arms, you just need to search a little bit.

Who says escapades with our dog/cat, says a little more organization than improvisation.

Here is a list of essentials to plan for the needs of our travel partners:

First Aid Kit
As for the human, it is advisable to have some first care products for our animals at hand. Here are some interesting products that can be found in our Animo shops. The following ideas are indicative, you can make your own kit according to your pet’s needs.
  • ANIMEU soothing ointment: this emu oil balm can be used as a moisturizer for dry or cracked pads. This Quebec product is great for relieving tired little legs after summer walks.
  • Insect Hunting Citrobug: a very gentle product and effective against insects to avoid discomfort following bites.
  • Pliers for removing ticks. an article always practical to have on you. If you find a tick on your pet, it is advisable to have it tested at your veterinarian.
  • A bottle of chlorexidine: available in pharmacies or at your veterinarian, this antiseptic is very useful for disinfecting small minor wounds since it does not cause any burning effect.
  • Bandage kit: gauze and elastic bandages can be used in case of small irritation. For any major injury, call your veterinarian before doing any care.
Car Equipment
Regarding the car, it is certain that several modifications are required for the comfort of your companion. If you are travelling with your cat, be aware that there are large travel cages to allow for greater comfort when travelling.

For pooches, we recommend a rather large and secure seat cover. We recommend a product available in our shops: The Silver Paw seat cover. This product is resistant to dirt, spills, scratches and hair while keeping our animal safe.

Despite the installation of a seat cover, it is still important to tie your dog to avoid injuries in case of impact. The REX car harness is the suggestion of our team on the safety side.

Here is a list of other interesting accessories depending on the activities planned during your stay:
  • Water bottle with integrated bowl
  • Silver Paw Flotation Jacket with handle on top
  • Silver Paw heating and cooling mat. Practical for hot days or cold nights
Visit our in-store advisors and they will be happy to help you plan your holiday with your friends on legs.

Wishing you a wonderful vacation with the whole family!

Source: Audréanne Lupien, Animal Health Technician (ASD)