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How to start autumn with our dogs

Finally, autumn is around the corner. This beautiful season is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities with the whole family. While enjoying the joys of cool days, it is important to keep in mind some precautions and maintenance to do for your pet during this period.

Here are some tips to help you survive the fall with your companions.

The parasites
Unfortunately, some parasites can survive in the environment despite colder temperatures. Let’s talk mainly about ticks and fleas. Fall is a good time to walk, so it’s important to inspect your pet when you return home. Ticks can hide in damp places such as underarms, behind the ears or under the legs. As for fleas, they can be found everywhere on the animal. Good pest prevention is recommended until the ground freezes to avoid infestation. Talk to your veterinarian to see what prevention is ideal for your pet.

Hair loss is a natural element during the fall. We can say that our animals have a new skin! A good upkeep is the key to avoid the frustration of hair accumulation in the house.

To facilitate maintenance, we recommend increasing the frequency of brushing. Thus, it will be possible to eliminate dead hair and impurities. Several adapted brushes are available on the market to adapt to your pet’s coat.

Here are our suggestions for tools in store to help you maintain a soft and healthy coat:

Babyliss Pro pet medium row double rake:This tool has two rows of heat-treated stainless steel pins that can gently penetrate your puppy’s fur to remove loose undercoat and dead hair.
  • Flex smoothing brush from Babyliss Pro pet: This brush has very long stainless steel pins that are flexible and angled, allowing you to slide the tool through your pet’s fur to gently remove the carpets, Tangles and loose hairs.
Especially present in spring as in humans, your companion can sometimes have allergies in autumn. Grasses, which are primarily the allergen-causing plants, pollinate from April to July but may show a rebound in September/October. Mites can also affect your pet during the fall allergy season. In this case, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended to treat itching.

In addition to your veterinary treatment, you can use a shampoo adapted to the skin type of your pooch. Here is an excellent product for sensitive and itchy skin.
  • Animeu Shampoo: This natural shampoo enriched with emu oil, colloidal oats and calendula gently cleans your pet’s coat while protecting its delicate epidermis. With its unique formula, Animeu soothing shampoo is both a gentle and effective maintenance product, as well as a natural moisturizer that soothes itching.
In short, in order to ensure a pleasant autumn for your furry friends, it is necessary to keep the same good habits that you acquired during the summer by adding a more regular brushing!

Source: Audréanne Lupien, Animal Health Technician (ASD)