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Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull When Walking With a Leash

The moment of a walk is an exciting opportunity for a dog. It allows him to discover new smells, to see friends dogs walking down the street and most importantly of all, to stretch his legs after a full day of waiting, probably alone, for your return with impatience. The walk is an opportunity for him to do his territory, and to let go of his madman.

In our own education, walking meant walking in the opposite direction of traffic to see oncoming traffic. Continuing on this momentum, you should always hold the dog to your left. This way, he can walk on the grass and it will be an extra security for him, especially if he decides to cross the street and does not pay attention to cars. It is important to stay consistent, so your dog will learn faster.

To maximize the chances of success, outdated methods such as using a choke collar or even a spike collar are not recommended. Everything must be done with respect, so choose a harness instead. The learning harness will not necessarily prevent him from pulling, however, unlike the choke collar, the dog will not have bodily harm. The use of a leash of a maximum length of two meters is recommended. Just like teaching a dog to take a ride, the reward is the best way to do it. Conversely, if the dog does not listen and pulls to go towards a smell, for example, do not shoot at your turn and do not succumb to its whims. Stop until you regain his attention. When he stops shooting and looks at you, give him a dog treat. The work is long and sometimes painful, but if there is consistency, your dog will stop shooting if necessary.

#1 Start with a leash walk around the house for a few days where there is less distraction and where he recognizes the smells.

#2 When the time comes to go outside, bring yourself a good bag of treats, as the first days will be longer. It is normal for the dog to want to smell everywhere, it is in his nature. If he starts shooting, make him sit next to you. You have his attention: a treat. Afterwards, when the leash remains relaxed, give him the chance to go smell the much sought after smell, he deserved it.

#3 If the time has come to leave, but he does not intend to follow, do not pull the leash, as you will mix him up. That is to say: you train him not to shoot, but when you want his attention, you leave the leash. Instead, grab his attention with a treat and call his name. That’s how he changes his mind, and at that moment you change direction.

#4 The pace should vary during learning. Moderate, high and then medium flow alternating. He will then keep his attention on you.

Continue the same exercises throughout your education and every day. So it will become a routine, and eventually the dog won’t need any more treats. That’s why, after educating him not to pull a leash, the outing will become a joyous moment for him and for you.