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The Best Breed For...

From the smartest to the most sociable, discover which breeds are the best, in different categories.

The Most Sociable With Their Congeners
  • The beagle is lovable and loving, cheerful and a very pleasant companion, all qualities that make it an excellent dog for the family. He is also a pack animal (human or canine); and being in a pack adds to his joy.
  • The basset hound is famous for its relaxed style and good behavior. As a pack dog he easily accepts the company of other dogs.
  • The border collie has unifying instincts and is bred to get along well with other animals.
  • The golden retriever has a soft and playful temperament, which makes it an animal that likes to make friends, human or canine.
  • The labrador retriever tends to be enthusiastic about everything, which includes meeting new friends.
The Smartest
  • The poodle is considered one of the most intelligent breeds because it learns quickly and is easy to train.
  • The border collie is known for its intelligence. Its almond eyes are the focus of its intelligent expression.
  • The pinscher doberman is vigilant, courageous and relentless.
  • The doberman can learn quickly, but is very sensitive and intolerant of aggressive maneuvers and inconsistent training.
  • The German shepherd is a very attentive breed that has a great ability to ignore distractions and focus on a task. He is trained to perform in an incredible variety of jobs.
  • The golden retriever is an exceptionally intelligent breed and is perfect to become a service dog. He takes his work seriously and appreciates competitive or obedience events.
  • The Persian greyhound is one of the fastest breeds in the world, mainly because of its very well padded legs that help it absorb the impact of running on the body.
  • The English greyhound is the fastest among dogs with a natural tendency to race. It can reach its maximum speed of 72 km/h in just 6 strides.
  • The Hungarian pointer can reach a speed of up to 64 km/h. Not only is this breed fast, but it is also known for its endurance.
  • The Whippet is extremely athletic and is known for his speed and power. He is able to run at 56 km/h.
  • The Russian Greyhound has a maximum speed of 56 to 64 km/h. Although it is fast, it does not have much endurance.
The Best With Cats
  • The basset hound is loyal, patient and discreet. Training can be a bit complex for this breed, as it has a stubborn side, but its moderate way of seeing life makes it a friendly and tolerant breed with other animals.
  • The Horseman King Charles Spaniel is described as a trusted companion for children and happy within a family. This breed gives the ultimate pet and gets along very well with cats.
  • The Golden Retriever is known for its playful personality. There is little chance that he is abrupt with cats (even when playing) and will get along well with a cat if he is introduced from an early age.
  • The Beagle was raised to hunt in packs, so it is typically an animal with other animals. He is a loving companion who will see cats simply as another member of the pack. The pug has a ton of personality and loves attention. A cat can help him keep him company when the human is not there.