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The French Bulldog

The French bulldog is the most charming doggy and can be recognized mainly by its small size, muscular body and bone structure.

From the molosse family and first appeared in the East with the Sumer molosse, its origins are uncertain! It seems that the French Bulldog is the result of a cross between an English bulldog and a ratier.

Origins and History
His story is rather mysterious. The French say he’s a native dog, but the English say he’s descended from the bulldog. At the base, the bulldog had a double purpose: raking and goalie. At the beginning of the 20th century he was found among the nobles, the rich and even in the royal courts, but also on the «fortifs» where he was the bodyguard of prostitutes and bad boys. Now the French bulldog is a widely distributed dog.

Character and Ability
He is a dog who loves company with a very happy temperament. Sociable, playful, awake and gentle, he is considered a perfect playmate for children and also a very good pet for the elderly.

He adores his master, so he can be quite jealous and sometimes possessive. In general, the cohabitation with other animals goes well and his education is quite easy, because he really wants to please his master. However, it is important to give him enough exercise to keep his muscles healthy, because of his morphology.

Living Conditions
The French bulldog is an ideal flatdog because he has short hair, drooling very little, is not too barky and knows how to adapt to circumstances (frantic play or absolute tranquility) with a great intelligence and intuition. He’s very sensitive to his master’s moods.

Like all short-nosed dogs, it can have breathing problems. It suffers a lot from the heat and should definitely not be left in the sun too long (especially in a car), because it could feel very bad. The eyes of the French Bulldog must always remain clean. He has some cardiac and respiratory fragility.

What we have said about his health should not make you think that he is an excessively delicate dog: you just have to take good care of him and he will live long and in splendid shape.

The price of a bulldog varies depending on where it comes from. The average is $3,000 depending on the colour.

Élevage Bouledogue français
Pure Passion Frenchies,
Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil, Québec, Canada

All the dogs of this breeder are tested before being reproduced: hips, kneecaps, eyes, heart as well as five genetic tests of diseases related to the breed. Puppies are registered at the CCC, examined, vaccinated, dewormed, ‘microchipped’ and guaranteed for two years.

Élevage Maison Rodbulls, Québec, Canada

All puppies are sterilized before leaving and also registered with the CCC (a certificate of registration of purebred dog is given to you), vaccinated, dewormed, «microchipped», with a health certificate and two-year guarantee.

Here Are Its General Characteristics
Hair: Short, tight and shiny
Colour: Fawn, plain or slightly brindled and sometimes stained with white
Head: Broad, square, massive, with a flat muzzle, powerful jaw and with folds and wrinkles.
Ears: Straight
Eyes: Globose, large and dark.
Body: Broad, muscular, croup inclined, breast cylindrical, chest well open
Tail: Short, naturally cut and pointed, often twisted or in a bun
Weight: Female between 7 and 12 kg – Male between 8 and 14 kg
Size: Female 29-34 cm – Male 30-35 cm (small category)
Life expectancy: Minimum 9 years – Maximum 11 years