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The German Sheperd 

The German shepherd comes from Germany and was created by Captain Max Fréderic Emile Von Stephanitz from a cross between shepherd dogs from central and southern Germany, the aim being to create a useful dog, very intelligent and strong to keep the herds. He is therefore very robust, athletic and enduring and is known for having a harmonious body built for physical effort. As the herds disappeared, the evolution of the breed led man to use the German shepherd to make it a police dog, a war dog, a blind dog or a health dog. He is today one of the most loved dogs by the average human considering his multiple qualities, which make him one of the most loyal domestic companions of the animal kingdom. He is a complete dog, tireless, docile, vigilant and very attached to his family.

There is the short-haired German shepherd and the long-haired shepherd. The only difference between the two is the hair and the maintenance of the hair. It is large and has a well proportioned head, but long, without being too heavy or too long. It has a pronounced and powerful muzzle, symmetrical ears worn straight, almond eyes, usually dark, and an elongated body, which gives way to a muscular back that ends with a tail that must reach at least the hock and drop reach, but which rises considerably according to the emotion. Females can weigh between 22 and 32 kg and measure between 55 and 60 cm.

Males can weigh between 30 and 40 kg and measure between 60 and 65 cm. He is a dog recognized as being joyful and playful, without forgetting his incredible intelligence. He is one of the most faithful dogs and he is patient and courageous, but also very protective with children. Even if he has a temperament, let us say, quite flexible, he remains lively and domineering and is of unfailing devotion to his family. He also greatly appreciates the rewards after a good shot. Be attentive to him.

It is relatively simple to elevate in view of its intelligence and docility, but it will recognize as such only one master. He must be accustomed to socializing and socializing with strangers, as his distrust of the unknown could become an important element to consider, not to mention the fact that he may also suffer from separation anxiety, This can lead him to express his frustration by chewing on what he finds or barking excessively. Adapted to rural life, however, it is not impossible to accustom him to life in the city or in an apartment, provided that he gets out often and gets him moving.

Its maintenance is just as simple. It is enough to carefully cut her nails regularly and check her ears to remove the accumulation of wax or debris, as it is an animal that will seek to come and go freely outside. It moults twice a year like most animals and must be brushed regularly. Too frequent washing can, as with many breeds, be harmful. Ideally, we wash our dog every two months.

Although it is robust, the German shepherd is no less a medium to large sized dog; therefore, genetically, it can be prone to hip or elbow dysplasia. There are a few diseases that can affect the latter, but apart from these, its life expectancy is still excellent, ranging from 10 to 12 years.

As for its diet, it is recommended to serve between three and four cups of premium quality croquettes a day.