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Cannabis And Its Effects On Animals

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the information explaining the effects of this plant on the human body are multiplying. That said, what about animals? Cannabis and animal health don’t always go hand in hand. This critical aspect of marijuana use is often overlooked.

THC, a Substance Harmful To Animals
Tetrahydrocannabinol, more often called THC, is one of the compounds in cannabis. This substance is also famous because of its unique psychotropic properties. Indeed, it is because of it that marijuana users experience sensory hallucinations after consumption. In humans, the effects of THC dissipate after a few hours. However, it is important to note that this is not the case for animals. Indeed, dogs and cats absorb this cannabinoid much faster than humans, which can be dangerous for the animal.

Following the legalization of recreational cannabis in several American states, local veterinarians are facing an increase in cases of THC intoxication. Indeed, over the past six years, the American veterinary emergency line has seen a 448% increase in cases related to marijuana overdoses.

Most cases are not fatal. However, THC causes vomiting, changes in blood pressure and abnormal heart rate in animals. Therefore, if you intend to use cannabis, it is essential to store your supplies outside the reach of your animals.

Some Cannabinoids Have Benefits For Your Companions
If THC is a problem for the animal, it’s a completely different story for cannabidiol. More commonly known as CBD, this substance does not cause hallucinogenic effects. It can also be used to treat anxiety naturally in animals.

In the United States, some treats containing CBD are very popular around July 4. Dogs with a nervous temperament are particularly affected as neighbours celebrate Independence Day by exploding an impressive amount of fireworks. The owners of these animals can then easily calm their companions by giving them food infused with CBD.

Some Quebec veterinarians now use this approach. Indeed, the Nymous animal shelter, located in Sainte-Béatrix, regularly uses CBD oil to treat its four-legged patients. Whether skunks, deer or even wolves, all benefit from this cannabinoid. In addition to treating anxiety, it can also reduce tremors associated with certain diseases such as Parkinson’s. Without side effects, it also reduces inflammation and pain.

Hemp-Based Food Products That Strengthen Animal Health
Hemp is a very special variety of cannabis. It has only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, less than 0.3%, as required by Health Canada. That said, this plant has exceptional nutritional properties. For this reason, we strongly recommend the purchase of healthy pet treats. Hemp hearts in these foods are an excellent source of essential fatty acids and protein.

In addition, hemp-based nutritional supplements can be added to your pet’s diet to provide a steady and stable metabolism, strengthen their immune system and increase their vitality. Note also that these supplements help reduce hair loss in addition to revitalizing the coat of dogs and cats.

Moreover, let’s add that it is also possible to spoil your animals with a shampoo based with hemp oil. This biodegradable product also contains aloe and eucalyptus. The mixture of these natural ingredients will soften the hair of your companions.

In conclusion, these different hemp derivatives can improve the daily quality of life of your pets, in addition to making your life easier by minimizing hair loss. Everyone wins and you encourage an eco-responsible industry!

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