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Hemp And Its Benefits For Our Animals

You probably already know that hemp has several properties that are more than interesting for humans. The plant can be consumed in various ways in our diet, among others, but also serve as an ingredient in skin care products. However, can hemp be used for animals?

Yes, this “superfood” can be consumed or used by our little four-legged animals. They often become our companions in life and can also benefit from the many uses of hemp.

Hemp is really a very versatile plant and it is known for several uses! The benefits are just beginning to be discovered on the human consumption side, but hemp can also be used in many ways to the delight of our animals!

To Consume
Hemp is safe for food consumption, both for humans and animals. Being even called a superfood, it is given many benefits. Ingested in oil form, hemp is healthy, nutritious and provides immense benefits to your animals. Hemp oil is 100% natural and is an interesting food supplement for your animals.

It contains essential fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Hemp oil helps strengthen the immune system and helps maintain a stable metabolism. Hemp oil can also help reduce your pet’s hair loss and contribute to its revitalization.

Hemp can also be a very interesting ingredient for dog treats. As we all know the benefits it contains, we would be crazy not to want to share it with our four-legged friends!

To Play
Did you know that hemp fibre has been used for a long time to make ropes for boats? It is the most robust vegetable fiber on the market and natural! The hemp fibre also has antifungal and antibacterial properties, which reduces the development of bad smells.

Toys made of hemp fiber are therefore ideal for your animals. They will be able to nibble, bite and play with them without any worries on your side!

As this material is ultra resistant, it makes it an ideal raw material for leashes and collars. Your animals will look great in addition to benefiting from natural products and especially, which will be very durable.

For Cleanliness
You can even use hemp fibre as litter. It is free of chemical additives and therefore a sensible alternative to commercial litter. Commercial litter boxes are known to be dusty and contain chemicals that can be irritating and dangerous to your pet. Hemp fibre bedding is therefore a very interesting alternative if you are looking for a much more natural and safe ecological solution for your animals.

We now know that hemp, in addition to its multiple benefits for human consumption, can also be an ingredient and a material of choice when it comes to taking care of our animals. From eating in its food form, in oil or in treats, to its use as a material for toys and accessories, as well as for its astonishing use as litter, hemp can not be more versatile. Decidedly, this plant will never cease to amaze us!