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How to take care of your small rodents

When one arrives at a breeder for the adoption of a small companion, the choice can sometimes be difficult because they are all very cute. As adorable as they are, it is important to know that they may need a lot of maintenance despite their small size.

Let’s talk about the needs of three of the most popular animals: the hamster, guinea pig and rat.

As you know, these three rodents live mainly in cages. This should include shelters, chewing toys and litter if necessary. For the rat and hamster, adding an exercise wheel can make them very happy. Remember that these are nocturnal animals, so avoid putting the cage in a bedroom.

In addition, it is essential to do daily maintenance to allow them to have a healthy environment. If you give up cleaning, the smell of their needs can quickly become nauseating. Choose a quality litter or pellet to put at the bottom of the cage to reduce unwanted smells in the house.

Not being able to support themselves, you can understand that they are very dependent. They need you to eat and drink, so it is very important to check their supply regularly. Let’s talk a little bit about food. Let’s start with the guinea pig. This little animal is herbivorous so its meals include hay, fruits and vegetables. In addition, it is very important to provide him with a source of vitamin C daily because he cannot synthesize it himself.

As for the rat and hamster, the good news is that balanced food and various treats are available in pet stores at very affordable prices. Like guinea pigs, you can give them fruits and vegetables but only occasionally.

To conclude, these little animals are delicate and vulnerable, so they are not recommended for young children. Remember that shelters are overflowing with small rodents looking for their families for life.

Source: Audréanne Lupien, Animal Health Technician (ASD)