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My Cat Has An Attitude!

The cat is a mysterious pet, which can act in a very funny way, but also in a disconcerting way. Why does he act this way? We can ask ourselves a thousand and one questions. Here are some feline attitudes deciphered.
  1. Kitty Gnaws At Her Claws
    There are some reasons why your cat eats its claws. Kitty is simply getting a small manicure , kitty is anxious and has a bad habit (just like humans). As this habit can be difficult to give up, find the root of the problem to see if indeed a ball of nerves causes him to nibble on his claws.

  2. The Eye Of The Tiger
    When your cat glances at you from the tiger’s eye or observes something intensely, be careful! He’s probably about to jump on his next prey. Cats like to examine their victims to make sure they are ready when they feel they are “seizable”. So, beware of you or the coveted object!

  3. Random Sprint
    Does your cat run extremely fast and bounce on the couch? Don’t be afraid. Your cat, which can run up to 50 km/h, only exercises! Most domestic cats have an extreme amount of energy that is repressed and must be released. If you don’t exercise your kitty regularly, it might be a good idea to start playing with it or walking it around to avoid random sprints through the house.

  4. Awkward Posture
    Why do we humans evade ourselves in positions not recommended? Because it’s comfortable, of course! Same for cats. When your cat lies on his back with his legs open, he is relaxed, happy and has confidence in you. He knows that he is safe in your presence and that he can relax.

  5. Rub Up Against You
    The reason your cat rubs against furniture is the same reason he likes to rub against you. He offers you his “perfume”; you are his human and he wants the whole world to know. By releasing pheromones, your cat is proud to have you as its property.

  6. Feels Your Face
    Cats are naturally curious animals and this includes a huge curiosity towards humans. They like to smell your face, your breath and the general smell. They really appreciate the warmth that humans give off. If you don’t mind, let kitty smell as much as she wants, as it will only make her love and more confident towards you.

  7. Small And Long Meowing
    A short, gentle meowing means that your cat greets you and welcomes you. Over time, this meowing will be accompanied by a jump on your lap or a rub against you; reward him by greeting him in turn with a hug. A longer meow can mean that the kitty is hungry…now!

  8. Imitates a Baby
    Your cat learns to communicate with you in the same way as a baby – by listening carefully and imitating. So, when he meows like a baby, he probably mimics your intonation when you talk to him. It’s typical for humans to talk to an animal the same way they talk to a baby – through simple words and gentle vocalization. Your cat just wants to engage in conversation.

  9. Chatter
    Have you ever heard this strange sound of teeth snapping from your cat? If that’s the case, he probably feels frustrated about not getting what he wants. The sound of a goat baby is quite normal, even if it can be quite annoying.

  10. Lying Down on What We Are Using Right Now
    Books, newspapers or computer keyboards. Your chat is spread out on your newspaper, exactly where you read. Not only does kitty want to be near you because he knows you will give her the loving attention he desires, but he also likes to feel safe. When you do something that relaxes you, being close to you will also relax him. In addition, he believes that you may remember his smell and want to be near him again.

  11. Roll On The Ground
    Cats like to roll on the floor to show you that they want to play and that they trust you. It often takes a long time to gain their trust and submit to their master. A fun roll is just that – an attempt to have play time with their owner.

  12. Sleep On You
    There’s no scientific reason your cat likes a good breast hug, but there’s a hypothesis. Your cat likes to feel your warmth and heartbeat. He likes to be close to you and feels safe knowing that when he lies down on you, you will not go anywhere without him knowing it. So, if you don’t mind, hug him back.

  13. Belly Up
    Come caress me! When kitty is lying on her back and has an exposed belly, he is comfortable and ready for a caress. He trusts you.

  14. Bite
    Cats bite for several reasons: because they are stressed, annoyed, angry, want to play or simply because biting is innate. Don’t worry if at some point he purrs with love and the next minute he bites you. Whatever your reaction to the bite, don’t yell at him. Simply say “No” and leave or blow into his face to show your discontent with the love bite.

  15. “Kneading” With Its Legs
    When your cat seems to knead something with his paws, it means that he is happy and satisfied. Usually, for him, kneading like this (in coordination with noisy purring) in the same place several times reminds him of breastfeeding with his mother. The kitties kneaded with their legs to get milk from their mother.